Saturday, 6 September 2008

font day 1: the journey and sink disasters

Ok so right now I'm sat at the dining table in our Gite in Font. Fantastic. We've just eaten a rather nice chilli con carne (I made it so it had to be good!) and had a slice of strawberry tart for dessert. A nice glass of red wine on the side has made for a really nice evening. Everything was going so well...

Ok so everything has been fine today, journey was ok, nothing special but no major problems. Phil did a valiant job in driving the whole way (thanks Phil!). We've eaten copious amounts of junk food - crisps, sausage rolls, chocolate, more chocolate etc and now had a nice wholesome meal.
Absolutely all was good, that is, until Jen decided to wash up. Now the sink is blocked. Lovely. Imagine a blocked sink with pieces of manky food and ancient sludge from the pipes floating around in it, yummy! We're hoping it will drain overnight - not sure what we're going to do about washing up after breakfast if it does though!

Anyway, tomorrow we're planning on having quite an easy day. Not sure what the weather's going to do but we're planning to go to Canche aux Merciers to try to do the whole of the orange circuit - should be fun! Hopefully this will help us get used to the rock and general style of climbing so we can get on and try some harder stuff later on in the week.

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