Tuesday, 5 May 2009

flying: progress update

Right, I think it's about time I updated the blog with something vaguely flying related as it's been a while now.
Anyway, the progress report:

  • I passed my RT paper AND the practical exam (so basically my Radio License is finished, yay!). The exam was a nerve-wracking hour and a half after which I felt decidedly drained I can tell you...and hour and a half of talking where your every word is being scrutinised...shudder...
  • I have so far passed 4 of the 7 theory exams I need to get done: Air Law, Radio Telephony, Human Performance and Limitations, and the Aeroplane: Technical and Principles of Flight.

Things to do:

  • Exams: I still need to do 3: Navigation, Meteorology and Flight Planning and Performance.
  • Flying: I have still only done an hour of solo flight and have yet to do a solo nav-ex (this is mainly because work over the past few months basically meant I got no time to go flying, let alone keep any kind of continuity). Since leaving my job I have started to really focus on the flying, partly because my aim now is to get my license before we move at the end of May (I know, I know, this is not alot of time). It's not super-super critical because I can always stop over at mum's for a couple of weeks if need be, but for the moment I am trying to get a quality session in every weekday (except Mondays).
  • My landings still need work, although the last time I flew we went over to Peterborough Conington (which according to my instructor has a terrible runway) for only my third ever land-away and my second ever landing on a tarmac runway. I am pleased to say that it went fantastically and even I was pleased with my circuit, approach and landing. I’m feeling much, much, much happier about it all now.
  • I need to get my Qualifying Cross Country done.
  • Hours: I need to have flown a minimum of 45 hours (currently at 31 or 32), 10 of which need to have been solo (and 5 of these need to have been navigational hours – I only have 1 hour of solo time so far and that is just in the circuit). I also need to have done 2 hours of instrument flying (I’ve done 20mins).

So all in all it’s not going too badly. This week I am hoping to do my first solo nav and my first solo land away (and in the back of my mind I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to do my Qualifying Cross Country next week if the weather plays ball).

I also have an exam plan by the end of which everything will hopefully be coming together:

  1. Navigation – this week 04/05/09 – 10/05/09
  2. Meteorology – next week 11/05/09 – 17/05/09
  3. Flight Planning – the week after next 18/05/09 – 24/05/09

Fingers crossed for GOOD WEATHER!!!

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