Tuesday 8 September 2009

running out


I've contemplated doing some serious distances but I just find it all too tedious. Went for a run this morning  - did 7.1miles (11.4km) in 1hr12mins or so, which is pretty slow really (but my circuit laps are incredibly hilly- I used to be much much faster when I was running on flatter surfaces, and I guess I still would be). It’s the first time I've pushed that kind of distance in a while and boy did I feel it towards the end.

Have you ever had a weird sensation of cold when running? Like you've just crossed that barrier of having used all your readily available calories and your metabolism doesn't seem to know what to do, so you feel cold and almost shivery, even though you're running just as hard as you were before? This morning was the third time I've felt like that, it's almost like an extreme fatigue where mentally you just can't imagine being able to finish the route - you've given everything and now you're running out, but you keep going anyway, one step at a time, you grit your teeth and keep going, swallowing the pain and the nausea until eventually you're done - and you hadn't even realised...

I’m not sure if I’m really cut out to be a runner, it’s just not my ‘thing’. Part of me wishes that I could suck it up, train and go run a marathon (a friend of mine got me thinking about this – he’s been a real inspiration to keep me going of late so thank you Anders), it seems like one of those things that you should do at least once in your life and what’s more, it would make my Dad proud. So maybe I should – I’d love to see the look on his face as he stood at the finish line waiting for me. He used to run and compete alot, he ran marathons – running WAS his ‘thing’. I’m sure he is proud of me, and of all the things I’ve achieved so far, but it doesn’t stop me wanting to make him smile and feel that warm glow inside, the one you get when someone you love does something amazing and you feel good to be a part of their small circle. So yeah, a marathon…I’m going to have to think on that one…

So anyway, this week is [hopefully] going to be a turning point for me – I’ve decided that because I still don’t have to go to work, and the main reason I left the world of the employed was so that I could train harder, get fit and become a better climber (well that and so that I wouldn’t end up killing my bosses), I am actually going to get my act together and start training properly. Too little effort, too much time spent reading, watching DVDs, cooking, eating cake, and just generally being lazy of late has not been helping me in my quest – so this week that all changes. I just need to resist the calling of the scones…


  1. Do you think that the coldness you feel could actually be your body being out of glucose for fuel switching to ketosis and the liver starts reconstituate fat into fatty acids and ketose that can be used for fuel? I have heard other people describe this as it may set in after some time of running. If it is then you can do two things. Dress in warm pants and stock up on carbs the days you are running.

    Running may not be the thing for you as you say. I'd like to think running is for everyone because it's been so darn good for me and I like it so much. I don't know, only you will know that. I love your comments and pep talks though and although I have not decided where to go with my running - maybe a marathon in a few years but I still don't really believe I could do something like that - or just keep jogging because it is to this day the only form of exercise that I have started since I was in the military and been able to keep it up regularly for almost half a year!

    Oh, and your time is good for being in hilly terrain and running slow is not bad at all, it is actually really good for you.

    Here is an article that changed my view on running and at the pace I workout when I run:


    Written by Mark Allen, six times Iron Man World Champion.

  2. That's an interesting article, although I don't own a heartrate monitor it does all make a good deal of sense.