Friday 2 October 2009

it’s been a while

Ok so I’ve been a bit lax in my bloggage of late, for that I apologise. I don’t really have an excuse, it’s just that sitting here and typing anything worthy of reading hasn’t been something I’ve felt terribly capable of just recently (and I will admit, this is unlikely to be worth a read either).

Anyway, what have I been up to? Not much of note to be honest. I’ve been out climbing a few times, a few days at Tremadog (amongst other places) ticking off some more of the easier routes, and even managing to haul my arse up the 3-star classic E1, The Plum (yes, I led the crux. No, I did not manage to climb it onsight, for which I blame my head, not my body. I did climb it totally clean though – so I don’t ever have to go back to it, thank god). I should say thank you to Ritchie for getting me up the route, and for not making me lead it all as one pitch – the second ‘half’ was truly harrowing (or at least that’s how it felt to me – maybe it was all the adrenaline surging through my competent but ‘unaccustomed to extreme graded trad lines’ body…).

So I feel like I’m actually a fairly reasonable and capable climber now, just so long as the routes are graded VS. Anything harder and my head does a number on me, and with easier routes I often get scared on the less ‘conventional’ type moves that are supposed to be easy (think oozy, squeezy, chimney udgy type things…eughhhh). Ok so maybe I’m useless, but my ropework and general equipment skills are good at least!

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