Thursday 21 January 2010

climbers for knitwear

My friend and climbing partner Matt has started a new group on Facebook to try to raise the profile of the humble knitted jumper within the climbing community. Inspired by footage of Johnny Dawes in Stone Monkey,

Matt has decided that ‘Fairisle Jumpers’ should once again become fashionable with climbers.
Hell, maybe it could all tie in with the lycra revolution too?

So go on, show your support! Join the knitwear resurgence!

(Note: shamefully, I do not actually have a knitted jumper as yet, but I promise, if I did (or do get one soon), I would wear it to climb in on occasion!)


  1. Is this going to lead to a facebook group to bring back spandex as well then?

  2. There already is one believe it or not! (the spandex group)