Sunday, 14 March 2010

start point and the dartmoor ponies

This one may take a little explanation for those of you who don’t know me, but back in April/May last year I left my job to become a full time bum in Wales with my hubby. My former occupation was that of an engineer within the radio communications industry (too long winded and boring to explain further, although I do have some rather interesting stories should anyone be interested…)

So what is my point? Well, having not done any work at all since I quit my full time nightmare, upon arriving back home from Rjukan a few weeks ago I was presented with the opportunity to spend a couple of weeks in Devon as a contracted drive tester, and quite frankly the opportunity to increase my bank balance was impossible to refuse. Now, what this basically means is I am spending 2 weeks driving around the county – our objective is simply to collect radio data on something like 1/3 of all the roads in Devon. Simple huh? Well, yes, but very VERY hard work actually (try spending 7 hours a day driving single track roads – trust me, it is incredibly tedious and knackering!)

So, now I’ve explained myself, here are some pictures! Yesterday I hit Dartmoor (ponies!!!):


Today I went to the seaside, and the [apparently infamous from sailing training manuals – ta Phil] bizarrely named ‘Start Point’ – complete with lighthouse:


This last one is a view back to Start Point from the raised beach between Torcross and Slapton (possibly called Start Bay?). Phil and I (bless him for coming down for the weekend) had an ice cream on the beach here and did some stone skimming – a wonderful break from the monotony of the driving.


I will hopefully post up some more pictures and ramblings over the next couple of weeks, so fingers crossed for more nice weather and no car troubles…

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