Tuesday, 8 March 2011

rjukan, day…oh forget it, I’ve lost count now

I’ve lost track of the trip day count now, apologies. Nothing of note has really happened, I had a rest day because I was feeling battered and cowardly, and we’ve been down into the Lower Gorge for a few routes.

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but since the avalanche all has not been well with me. Easy ice routes terrify me, especially if the ice is ‘dinner plating’ (big dinner plate sized shatter patterns that appear when the ice is struck) badly. I had a crack on one WI3 the day before yesterday and failed to finish it – I had to belay and get Dave to finish the route off for me…nightmare.

P1000198 Kate enjoying a gritty top-out

P1000205 Proving that safety glasses CAN look cool….

P1000202 Me on one of the pleasant easy Lower Gorge routes from today

Despite a less than brilliant start, today was a little better in that I actually managed to climb a couple of routes without crying…yes, it had been that bad.

Tonight is windy, air is howling round the hytte [cabin] and the trees are waving at us through the windows. I went out for a brief foray to acquire more toilet paper, a dull yet essential mission, during which I took a brief look up to the sky…the moon is bright and beautiful, and I couldn’t help but breathe a little easier as the wind tousled and caressed my hair. The valley here is a wonderful place when you can hear nothing but nature’s music.

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