Wednesday, 3 September 2008

tiger tiger burning bright

Ok so I may as well start off by explaining myself a little. I have always wanted to fly, ever since I can remember, so recently I started to learn.
I have to say a massive thank you to John for the help he gave in getting me into the local flying club because it is awesome. Expensive but awesome.
So far I have logged 6 hours and have started flying circuits (admittedly the circuits I have flown so far have been around random fields - this was due to the airfield being out of bounds for circuit practice due to air cadet gliding activities, not finished). I think I am getting the hang of it all too.

Things to remember:
  • Adjust trim for airspeed - this can effectively half your workload, which, when you are trying to do a thousand things at once is a real mercy
  • Do clearing turns before actually turning (that is, check you aren't going to hit anyone when you turn basically)
  • Don't forget the Carb heat when cutting engine power
  • Don't panic
Anyway, the lessons are going well - my instructor is keen to send me solo real soon as I'm picking everything up really quickly and flying well.
Before I can fly solo I have to get a medical done (deep joy) and I also need to pass my Air Law Exam. This is NOT FUN.
Honestly, I have been reading and studying for hours and just when I think it's all beginning to sink in I reach another level of legality, bureaucracy and general nausea. Why does it have to be so tedious?!

Anyway, back on the fun stuff, on Saturday Phil and I finally got over to Norwich to play with John's Tiger Moth, and to pick up a headset. Honestly, that plane was beautiful. What an incredible day! Ok so there was lots of sitting aroung waiting for the wind to drop but it was all so worth it. Can't really say or do more than grin!

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