Thursday, 4 September 2008

ups and downs...

Right. Last night was a bit up and down to say the least. My flying lesson was cancelled due to a strong crosswind (meaning flying just wasn't possible). Bummer. On the plus side though it did mean that I could get to the climbing wall without rushing around like a headless chicken, getting stressed and then climbing like something akin to a walrus in heat...

Session at the wall was passably good. Lots of good people to boulder with despite most of my regular partners being unable to make it. Saw lots of guys I haven't seen in a while, had some nice converstations and may even have gained a keen new trad partner - yay!
Shame the problems still haven't been changed - it's been a few months now and I'm a bit bored of just cruising around on the same old v4s and still being unable to touch the misgraded v3s (stupid lanky problem setters - I will not dyno for a tiny crimp and pop another pulley!!)

Phil cooked a lovely chicken satay stir fry (after a bit of a row about scallops - don't ask) before I went, shame we'd rushed it a bit because of my lesson. My instructor is hassling me to get my Air Law exam done (more hassle, ok so I really do need to get my finger out).
Incidentally I have now gotten onto chapter 7 of 15 that I need to read and understand and the last 5 are really short, and one's just a terminology glossary. Ok so there's still quite a bit to go.

My intention is to finish reading the book. Re-read the important chapters and the ones that aren't really sinking in and make notes, lots of notes. I also want to get hold of a copy of the PPL Confuser that has [equivalents of] all the exam questions in it, along with some nicely explained answers, read through that and then just have a go at the exam! If I fail, I fail and have to do it again, no big deal (apart from the exam fee).

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