Saturday, 17 January 2009


Life is not good at the moment.
My knee is still gipping me a little but to be honest it's not bad enough for me to really worry, it's good enough to let me train at the wall and for this I am grateful. Unfortunately, right now this seems to be the one small thing I have to be happy about.

Work. Again. It's rubbish.
This week I spent Monday and Tuesday on an absolute horror job in Vienna. I'm genuinely not sure how we managed to walk away from that one without the customer skinning us least I wasn't alone for once (I usually take these beatings solo, so having another colleague there did make it much more bearable, even hilarious at times - if you didn't laugh about it you'd end up in tearful hysterics and in the local hospital...)
Wednesday Scott and I were going to go to the Peak District for some well needed therapy but the weather was sh*te. Bum.
Thursday and Friday I spent in Stockholm with some other colleagues - this time I wasn't seeing a customer but on a training course to enable me to work on the Stockholm Metro system. Slightly surreal having to take exams in Swedish when you haven't a clue how to even pronounce half the words...
Actually the Stockholm trip was quite nice, no pressure and we managed to get into the Old City for dinner in the evening (Elk Fillet steak is probably the nicest thing I have ever eaten).
Tomorrow I fly out to Larnaca (Cyprus), not to return until Tuesday. Yet another crappy job to be carried out solo. Great. Right now, I am feeling desperately nervous and panicky and just don't want to go - all this travelling and working alone really stresses me out, I hate it.

So this week - Austria, Sweden and Cyprus. No time for myself at all. It may sound glamorous, all this jet-setting, but believe me it's not. I would gladly swap it for a job cleaning out the crud from the gutters in Luton right now.

Oh, and just to top it all off, the selfish chav whose car I ran into last August has decided to raise a personal injuries claim against me.
So now I have a claim against me for damages of £1500 - £3000, because the precious little poppet apparently got whiplash. Compete bullsh*t. The list of my 'Negligences' has seriously wound me up, the lying beyatch.

So yeah, I'm loving life right now.

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