Sunday, 1 February 2009

enough travelling already!

Ok so I'm finally done. In the past month I have been in Austria (2 days), Sweden (2 days), Cyprus (2 days including a sunday), Spain (5 days) and 2 days away from home in the UK. None of these days have been short ones.

So, for February I am going into the office for a couple of days then going flying and climbing for the rest of the month (pretty much). Awesome!

First trip is up to beautiful snowy Scotland - I'm heading up on friday and meeting with another like-minded lass for some climbing over the weekend, then meeting another climber to do some routes during the week. Injury and weather permitting, it's going to be superb!!!

On the down side, Phil and I went climbing yesterday (indoors) and I managed to injure another one of my fingers. I really should know better than to entertain problems that involve a one handed, cut-loose dyno to a sharp jug. I don't think I've injured the tendon or pulley too badly, but it's certainly extremely painful.

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