Wednesday, 27 May 2009

dun du duh done!

Flight Performance and Planning – 100% correct! Woo.

So that’s all of the ground exams over and done with:

  • Aviation Law and Operational Procedures
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Radio Telephony (theory)
  • Radio Telephony (practical)
  • Aircraft (General) and Principals of Flight
  • Meteorology
  • Flight Performance and Planning

Things left to do:

  • Dual flight to Leicester
  • Qualifying Cross Country flight (Halton, Gloucestershire, Leicester)
  • More solo hours: minimum requirement is 10 hrs solo, 5 of which need to be navigational hours. I currently have 0.7 hrs solo nav and 1.6 hrs in circuit: so I need 7.7hrs total, 4.3 of which must be navigational as a minimum (bearing in mind the QXC will be approx 3hrs solo nav itself)
  • More instrument flying time: minimum requirement is 2hrs, I have 0.2hrs at present so another 1.8hrs are required
  • More PFLs (practiced forced landings) and EFATOs (engine failure after take off), plus maybe some more basic stalling practice
  • Do an ‘exam profile’ flight (basically a mock Skills Test), including all the ground and passenger briefings etc.
  • Read up on EVERYTHING
  • GFT!!! (general flight test)

Speaking to my instructor today, we are hoping to do the dual to Leicester tomorrow afternoon, should the weather be playing fair, and then I may well be able to do my QXC on Friday!

If I don’t get it done on Friday then I will do a solo flight to either Gloucestershire or Leicester on its own and hopefully get the QXC done on Tuesday. Should I get the thing done, there is a possibility that I may be able to do the GFT/skills test next Friday! She seems to think I’m ready…scary stuff…

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