Thursday, 21 May 2009

flying good, ankle bad bad very very bad

Flying update: the weather has been kind the last couple of days (at long last) and yesterday I managed 3 flights, 2 of which were solo circuit sessions – so my solo hours were finally enough for Bron to let me do a solo navigational exercise. Today I also flew…

Today, we flew a mini nav-ex together and then I was allowed to repeat it on my own, that is, SOLO. Yes, finally I did my first solo nav-ex: a short local flight straight into a THUNDERSTORM. Needless to say I nearly cacked myself when I realised what I was heading for, pulled it together and promptly turned round, recalculated my route back, set the Navigational radio to the local VOR for a bit of moral support (VOR radio nav is wonderful – like a get out of jail free card – just follow the needle!) and headed back.

My landings are now officially great, as is my circuit standard and my general aircraft handling – that was today’s THIRD FLIGHT – general handling, stalling, practice forced landings after engine failure and an assortment of ‘unusual attitude’ recoveries – an hour of flying that is hilarious fun but vital to repeat periodically so that you know you are safe if something happens.

Notes to self:

  • Revise procedures for PFLs, EFATOs and general MAYDAYs
  • Revise general handling stuff, including the basic stalling conditions you need to demonstrate on the Skills Test
  • Do some more glide approach landings
  • Do some more flapless landings
  • Do the Flight Planning EXAM
  • Be positive.

Hopefully tomorrow morning the weather will be good enough for a land away at Gloucestershire, or maybe Leicester (either is good – my QXC is a flight between home and these two). After which I will be embarking on the long drive over to Llanberis for a weekend’s climbing!

Hmm, climbing. Hmm, the Alps. Fitness training isn’t always good for you – my foot/ankle is still really bad after my long run last week. I really don’t know what I’ve done but walking hurts. Looks like we may have to pick crags/routes with minimal walk-ins this weekend – not great for the whole Alpine Fitness Training plan. Arse.

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