Saturday, 6 June 2009

skills test

The fact that the house in Aston is now empty, the rings gone, my weights gone, me not doing any running (my foot is better but I don’t want to risk re-inflaming the Plantar Fasciiitis) and I’m not able to fly because of the weather has left me feeling rather despondent today – I need a hobby that doesn’t requite decent weather…maybe I need to start writing that book…

Anyway, I digress, the main reason for this posting is to provide a flying update – it has been going really well over the last week or so – I’ve got all my hours sorted, log book up to date, forms filled out, pre-exam profile run done (and it went really, really well), and was scheduled to go up with the examiner today to do the Skills Test (this is the one that, if I pass, makes me a pilot – it’s the license test).

Unfortunately, the weather has turned terrible and my test needs to be re-arranged. This makes life awkward as next week I am likely to need to do the test with a different examiner (not a big problem really though), but also because I will officially be living in Wales.

I will be having a talk with my instructor and the various examiners on Monday (the day we give the keys to the house here back), and will hopefully get another exam date arranged (whilst looking carefully at the weather forecasts), and may have to arrange to come over and stay with my parents. So all do-able really, I’m just disappointed not to have done it today – I feel so ready…

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