Thursday, 17 June 2010

scary stuff and mountain rescue

I’m not going to write much this time round, I’ve been busy doing allsorts really: climbing, running, walking, training etc etc, but I do have a link to some interesting photos taken on an exercise carried out by the Ogwen Mountain Rescue Team:

Why are these pictures relevant? Well because I was the one in the stretcher! Foolishly I agreed to help out and play ‘casualty’ – for the exercise I had sustained a broken leg after a fall taken by my climbing partner ripped all his gear and left him dead at the base of the crag – I was left stranded and injured on the ‘Bilberry Terrace’ of Craig Yr Ysfa (in the Carneddau – the crag is famous for the routes of Amphitheatre Buttress, VDiff and Mur Y Niwl, VS).

The crag is huge, complex and intimidating, and the ledge slopes at an angle of between 30-45 degrees, so you can probably imagine the fun had getting me into the stretcher with one of my legs in a splint. Hilarious, not.

I shall say nothing other than it was a very scary and unpleasant experience, but the guys did a fantastic job and deserve the utmost respect for what they do.

If anyone is interested in finding out more, check out the Ogwen Team website: or more importantly, check out the North East Wales team site (the long suffering and very capable souls who are training me) and help us out if you can:

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