Tuesday, 30 August 2011

aerobatics–some people say nice things!

I’ve recently been pointed toward the British Aerobatic Association website and their write-up of the Gunpowder Trophy event, and I was delighted to read this:

“A very stylish and assured performance from Lauren Richardson secured her the Beginners Plaque”.

There are also a couple of nice photographs to look at (including a rare one of me that I actually really rather like!), so if you are so inclined have a click here:



  1. Huge congrats! Not a bad write up at all and I found the photo quite charming. Well done.

  2. P.S. I had to use the word "charming" because enchanted seemed way too over the top. Once again huge congrats and apologies for doubling up in the comment section. =)

  3. Hehe, double up all you like! I really must see if I can get them to send me the full resolution version of that photo as it's probably one of the best that's ever been taken of me (I hate posing for photos!). I am laughing at 'enchanting' though ;-)