Monday, 22 August 2011

support me, please!

My last posting about my experiences (and win) at the Leicester aerobatic competition happily coincided with being my 200th posting here on Flight of the Bumblie. I’d been hoping for something decent to write so that worked out well!

Anyway, this post is a little bit different, as for the first time I’m trying to kick off the self-publicity engine. I have to admit that this isn’t something that comes naturally to me, and in all honesty I’m not a big fan of people who try to make themselves out to be some kind of big deal…BUT, I’d really like to start pulling in more readers and gaining more exposure for the site here, even if many of my writings are nothing more than ramblings (loads of them are going to be good though, I promise)…

Hence, we now have a nice little logo (look left) – 100% inspired by the wonderful Pitts Special S2A, G-SKNT, who also happens to be the image in the site banner (look up) It’s also 100% hand drawn and graphically converted by yours truly. I have every intention of drawing up a few more graphics in the near future – some nice little aerobatic sequences could look awesome I think.

Anyway, if you click on the logo, you’ll be taken to another site where you’ll see a variety of T-shirts, mugs and hoodies available to buy with the logo on. I don’t make much on the sales of these items (actually, insanely little), but that’s not my aim – I’ll be wearing a Flight of the Bumblie hoody when I’m out and about and bumming around the airfield etc, simply in the hope of attracting some attention and hopefully some more people to come over and view the site.

So, any of you who feel generous and would be keen to help me out and support my ongoing endeavours in the world of aerobatics, and of course in my outdoor and rescue life, please consider buying something and wearing it out and about!


  1. I bought a hoody and its really good quality... it even has a little button hole to put my Ipod cables through. Reach for the skies! Adam

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  3. Do you have a facebook page for Bumblie? If you have the logo printed in high quality sticker, that would be nice! Climbers can put it on their helmets or so.

    Btw, trivia fact, there is a climb in Idaho called "Flight of the Bumblie" as well, if you have not known so :)

  4. Bang - there is no facebook page for Bumblie, however I do of course have my own (search for Lauren Richardson and pick the girl with the yellow plane!).

    I'm looking at getting some stickers made up, and also doing a few new drawings so watch this space :-)

    Oh, and thanks for the heads up on the route, that's utterly barmy as I thought I'd made up my own spelling of 'Bumblie'! Cool though - will have to check it out if I'm ever over there!

  5. We now have stickers and mini-badges! Second link down to the CafePress site and click through on the design you like.

  6. Hey Lauren,

    Thanks for the heads up for the stickers!

    Btw, I think someone may have taken your blog's name and named that route :) Otherwise it's really a pure coincidence!

    Keep up your writing, so we can have a great time reading your posts!

  7. Hey Bang,
    If someone has named that route after my blog I'd be so stunned. I need to look it up and find out what year the route was put up (that'll hopefully prove that it has to have been coincidence...)

    Thanks for reading - I promise at some point I'll write something else outdoorsy or climbing related (although I'm not really psyched for rock climbing at the moment, bring on the ice season!).

  8. Hey Lauren,
    I can't find you on facebook? Have you changed yr profile pic?