Tuesday, 4 May 2010

bumblie’s bimbles

So today I went for a nice walk up above Dinas Mawddwy. I’d been up in this area before when I went for a hack up Waun Oer, but today I took a more sedate approach and just headed around the rim of the horseshoe for a bit. Lovely.

Have some pictures.

SDC10292 SDC10346



I was also testing out my new, smaller ‘walking’ and short day rucksack, a Millet Prolight 27, and I must say I do rather like it. It’s a good size, well built and should withstand a reasonable amount of abuse, and it’s comfortable. It does (currently) have a couple of little things that irritate me – the cord-lock for the main drawcord was some stupid ponsy wedge thing (ok so this one isn’t current as I changed the cord'-lock the day I bought it), it has thumbloops (WTF are these FOR??! Seem like a great way of improving the odds of landing on your face if you fall over), and it has a somewhat useless little zippy pouch on the left waistbelt (not only is it pretty useless and badly positioned, but the stiffened zip pull catches on my sleeves as I walk!). Needless to say, I will be enjoying a little session with the scissors and a gas lighter later on…

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